One Club is the Center of Student Entrepreneurship at UT

As the Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency celebrated its second year anniversary this past week, the organization made it clear that entrepreneurship at the University of Texas is here to stay.

LEA is the only completely student run organization on campus that promotes entrepreneurship at UT. It hosts events throughout the year including UTEWeek, a week where members of LEA brought in successful former UT entrepreneurs like Michael Dell and Rod Canion.

The organization has also added a revised program for freshman who are interested in startups and possibly starting their own business at UT called Freshman Founders.

“UTEWeek is a big event, and now we have Freshman Founders, which we just revamped this year. It hosts events for students once a month,” said President of the organization Amanda Barrington.

In addition to the events it holds to promote entrepreneurship, LEA hopes to soon gain space for students who want to start their own businesses, said Barrington.

“Since we don’t physically have space on campus- hopefully in the future we’ll be able to change that- we haven’t been able to provide a common space for people to work on their ventures,” said Barrington.

Barrington said she is also excited about the opportunity entrepreneurship gives students to not have to work for a large corporation after graduation.

“UT is very proud of students graduating and getting jobs for corporations,” Amanda said. “You go to school, you get a job, you climb up the corporate ladder. UT is starting to realize how much entrepreneurship is starting to become a part of student culture. People are able to create their own jobs.”

“Students learn a lot more by becoming an entrepreneur than doing the typical routine of entering a corporation,” she added.


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